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Yoga retreat in Iceland

Come and enjoy yoga retreat in Iceland for a 3 day weekend from June 14th to 16th in Birkihof.

Three day yoga retreat in a place named The Sacred Seed or Birkihof. Birkihof is a heavenly place, a gem hidden in the nature in Southern Iceland, close to Reykjavik and near Laugarvatn. (Close by the Golden Cirkle followed by almost everyone visiting Iceland)

The area is surrounded by beautiful nature where you can pull yourself away from the cores of the daily life and enjoy yoga, mediation, floating in the swimming pool. We invite you to a weekend where you can let go off thoughts and feeling which do not serve you and a help to connect to yourself and the elements of nature in a very deep way.

During the three day yoga retreat weekend, we offer different flowing yoga classes with a wonderful balance between restorative yoga, healing yoga with deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), energy-rich yoga flow (Ashtangar/Hatha Yoga) and art therapy. We lead and deepen our subconsciousness with creativity, dance and cacao meditation.

The program is of course optional. Everyone is free to use their time as they please, rest and enjoy, sunbathe (if the sun shows up), go for walks, sleep in and read.

We offer a variety of nutritious, clean foods, Access Consciousness presentation (32th healing point on the head), a pool session with a floating instructor and massage together with a variety of yoga classes suitable for everyone.

The program. Can be a subject of change, for the better 🙂

Day 1: Arrive and marvel at the beauty

  • 07-11: 30 Meet and greet, drink Tea, and we set goals for the weekend.
  • 12:00 Light lunch / presentation / Opening ceremony.
  • 14:30 Mantra – Meditation.
  • 15:00 Creative Yoga Flood – Opening a creative energy that lives within us.
  • 17:00 Cleansing / energizing tea time and relaxation.
  • 17:30 Yin + Yang Yoga flow
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:30 Hot tub / sauna / swimming.
  • 22:00 Evening meditation

Day 2: Creative grounding

  • 8:00 Morning meditation.
  • 08:30 Yoga flow
  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Access consciousness Presentation / exercise
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 Free time -Tea, swimming, creation, relaxation, sauna, open access bars sessions, walk in nature / hiking
  • 17:00 Yin + Yang Yoga Flow
  • 19:30 Dinner
  • 21:00 Cacao -ceremony / Evening Meditation

Day 3: Harvest

  • 08:00 Morning Opening the Chakras
  • 09:00 Hatha Yoga Flow
  • 10:30 Breakfast
  • 11:30 A floating session in the swimming pool with a floating instructor and a massage therapist.
  • 13:00 Lunch /energising tea and relaxation.
  • 15:00 Light Artistic Yoga Flow – Harvest
  • 16:30 Meditation
  • 17:00 Goodbye ceremony.
  • 18: -20: 00 Going home all energized after the yoga retreat



Eydís Eir is a yoga teacher and a writer/director (nominated for the Icelandic academy awards Eddan in 2019 for the best short film – Islandia based on her own experience).

She has practiced yoga since 2004. Eydís Eyr has studied Hatha/Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Nidra, Yiengar and Yin/Restorative yoga. She took YTT200 in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh’s oldest yoga school by the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains (the origin of yoga) and holds a teaching license in Yin Yoga. Eydís has also just completed a teaching license in Access Counciousness, which is a healing method based on 32 points on the head.

“Iv’e always practiced yoga, no matter what was happening in my life. During my best and worst times. Yoga was my save spot.
I went to a class sprained, injured, traumatized, depressed and with anxiety. I have allowed myself to cry, let go, be lazy, stiff and miserable. Yoga has always taken me as I am, where I am. Without judgement.

During my healing journey I’ve experienced a marvelous resurrection and yoga was a major part of it. When I felt ready, I decided to travel to India and take my yoga teachers’ license. I have rarely been as balanced as I am today which means that I would love to give forward the feeling.

Yoga is not about being, bendy, flexible or having a slender body. Yoga is about taking oneself (others and life itself) as you are, without judgement. As soon as we stop fighting what is, we stop our suffering. That has been my mantra for some time now, and it helps me everyday.

Yoga for me is about being the best version of myself, trusting that everything is for my evolution and letting go of control. Don’t allow the inner voice which whispers in your ear, telling you that you’re too old, too stiff or not this or tha -t to take over. The voice that limits me. Yoga is about self acceptance and self compassion which is reflected in existence and to others. Yoga for me is to be aware of these judgmental, hurtful voices within me which talk me down, hurt me and are far away from the truth. The ego and the fear which accompanies them cheat me and rob me of being the best of me and enjoying every moment.

Yoga is about caring for my health without expecting too much or pushing me too much. Some days, yoga is about how to slow down to get stronger. Other days it is about challenging myself, sweating, meditating, breathing and creating – or a mix of everything. In short yoga for me is about combining the complexities that make me the person I am. Yoga has given me depth, challenged me, but at the same time being the most natural thing I’ve done and I will continue learning during my yoga journey! I invite you to come with me.!”


Some really great and unique women are joining me and you on the journey.

Sonja Berglind Hauksdóttir is an artist, art therapist, yoga teacher and a healer.

She has completed a total of 440 hours of yoga teacher training recognised by the Yoga Alliance both from Yogavin Iceland and the same Karuna Thailand in 2015 & 2018.

Sonja has also completed 2 levels of Reiki Health and a teacher training license in Art Therapy from the Transformation Academy. In addition to a number of other courses over the years, including creative expression through dance and mantra and countless other mentoring and life skills courses.

She will integrate her knowledge into artistic expression and art creation, as we open up a definite flow into a new spark within us and identifying how we can better connect to the super consciousness in our daily lives, with both color, movement, healing & meditation mixed together.

Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir is a musician and a teacher.

She has worked with music for many years, both as a musician, singer and composer.

Dísa works as a teacher at Hagaborg kindergarten, as well as teaching piano and drums. Disa has been a tutor at Girls Rock (Stelpur rokka) for 5 years.

Dísa finished Childplay Kids’ Yoga Teacher license this winter and has used it extensively in her work as a teacher. Dísa has been practicing Kundalini yoga for many years, and she will be performing music, drumming, and playing an instrument that will help us connect in to our deep consciousness.

More people are joining us during the weekend at the yoga retreat.

A chef which has specialized in making diverse, clean and tasty food. Swim floating therapist and massage therapist, to name a few. Expect further information later.

Accommodation, food and all programs are included in the price.


Mail to: yoga@yogadis.is  – or call now tlf.: +354 7876 636

NOTE. Limited places available! First come, first get! 

  • 1-2 person room (with double bed) – ISK 79.900.

  • 3 bed rooms (3 persons share a room) ISK 59.900

  • 2 bed room (2 persons share a room) ISK 69.900

  • A confirmation fee is to be payed when ordering – ISK 29,900.


Disclaimer of eventual small changes of the schedule (of course for the better) / and that we will reach the minimum number of participants. 


Syðri-Reykir, Eyrarbraut 11, 801 Laugarvatn, Iceland. About 45-60 min. drive from Reykjavík. See on the map.